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Reel Champion Sportfishing - San Diego Featured 6-Pack

Owner/Captain Dave Mack completely upgraded his pristine multi-day range six pack fishing charter out of San Diego Bay docked at H&M Landing. Contact Dave Mack at 909-910-2127

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Bluefin Tuna from 30lbs. all the way to 200+ lbs. have been caught with typical fishing early season on and off bites. Halibut, White Sea Bass, Yellowtail and of course Rock Cod all potential targets right now off San Diego! Book Now!

SAN DIEGO - SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA'S #1 Rated Deep Sea Sportfishing Fleet & Southern Most Gateway to Rich Big Gamefish Baja Waters

Since 1997 remains one of the only San Diego/Southern California online booking/concierge website's offering personal, local help planning and booking sportfishing trips and fishing charters from a hand-picked virtual fleet of sportfisher vessels - specifically catering to San Diego - Southern California anglers.

We will match you with a boat that is a perfect fit for your individual needs and budget in all Southern California Sportfishing Destinations. With our insight and dedication to customer service, we will plan the fishing trip of a lifetime! Fish inshore coastal waters and target seabass, yellowtail, bass, rockfish (cod), bonito, sheepshead and halibut all season. Or during prime season, venture offshore targeting tuna (albacore, yellowfin, skipjack, bluefin and bigeye), dorado (mahi mahi), marlin, shark and and recently maybe even a 100# class Ono (Wahoo). We offer various techniques and tackle for both beginner and expert.

Prime Time 6-Pack Fishing Charters San DiegoPrime Time Half-Day to Multi-Day San Diego Sportfishing 6-pack

Sea Adventure Sportfishing - H&M Landing San Diego

Private San Diego Sportfishing Charter any Group Size

Sea Adventure Sportfishing has deep sea fishing trips departing daily from H&M Landing and available for any size group charter as well. If you have a group up to 30+ size Sea Adventure a boat to fit your fishing goals with full galley and seating serving hot & cold food and beverage and bunks for longer trips.

Catching Yellowtail Fish Using heavy Iron Yo-Yo Style

We've heard it a lot bring heavy iron for jigging bigger model home guard Yellowtail so here's a article I wrote of some tips how to catch Yellowtail by yo yo heavy jigs if you are unfamiliar with what this means. Some trips it's the only fish landing others they seem to hit about anything. Posted by Rob

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Accurate Boss Valiant Fishing Reel

A favorite reel for local tuna and Yellowtail is Accurate Boss Valiant, a saltwater fishing reel every Southern California angler needs in their mix of tackle. Help support if you buy one of these reels by making purchases from Amazon. I've searched and selected my local favorites for San Diego and SoCal sportfishing where diversity and several rod/reel combos come in handy when on a moments noticed you hook-up a 100#-200# class Bluefin Tuna show up at the side of the boat just five miles off San Diego as visiting and local San Diego, CA anglers have been blessed with this 2016 summer.

Multiple Rod/Reel Combos Rigged and Ready!

Big events happen fast and unforgiving when tuna fishing - the key is to be ready seconds after you hear the angler or deckhand yell hook-up! - If you can have multiple rod/reel fishing combos you can be ready for any change in conditions or fish target when that precious moment hits on troll when an angler yells, "HOOKUUUPPPP!" The boat then does what's called "slide" into nuetral and immediately the Captain calls out to the deckhand how much live bait to pitch to keep the tuna on the surface and biting angler lines who should already have a bait or jig in the water. Timing and teamwork is essential in successfull tuna fishing Southern California stand-up hook and line style. When the Captain calls out on com what size fish are being marked under the boat, the listening angler then picks up and casts the saltwater fishing rod/reel combo right for the bite. Having multiple setups all ready to go is awesome and can mean the difference between that bucket list 150# class Bluefin Tuna I mentioned earlier just five miles from San Diego ending up in proud pics and on the plate that night over a beer telling the story how glad you are you invested in all this top-quality saltwater fishing tackle this guy Rob at suggested he get! lol jk of course again I just love helping fellow anglers land those hard to get once in a lifetime fish.

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