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San Diego Sportfishing Articles

Yellowtail Catching Tips - Article on local techniques used to catch Yellowtail (Jack) from San Diego sport boats.


San Diego Sportfishing on a Budget - Article about discounts available with links, how to save money when planning or booking a trip and online printable discounts for half-day, three-quarter day or others.

Trip Types Defined - Read about the various sportfishing trip types.Whether an afternoon half-day or a group multi-day 6-pack charter there's a trip for your need's and target goals.

Seasonal Targets - Find out what fish species are being targeted depending on time of year fished.

What to Expect - Here's a article Rob wrote about one of San Diego's most popular year round trips - the half-day and three-quarter day sportfishing trips.

Whale Watching Trips - Learn all about the California Grey Whale, Humpback and Blue and view them as they head South to the warm waters off Baja for the Winter.

Half-Day and Three-Quarter Day Tackle List - a lot can happen on these popular daily fishing trips, leave the dock prepared for not only what IS biting but what MAY bite. Here's my basic tackle suggestions.

Overnight to 2 Day Tuna Trip Tackle List - Here's a list of my suggested tackle to take along on your seasonal Tuna trip.

Fish Processing - You just arrived back at the dock with all this fish now what?

Half Day Trip for Calico Bass - I have come to respect this elusive, slow growing specie out of our local fishery more than any other. Here's some tips I gathered over the years that have put some great fish on deck or released.

San Diego Open Party Trip Fishing Basics - Here's how to make the most of your time when fishing from the popular open party sportfishing boats.