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Southern California and San Diego Deep Sea Fishing Coupons - Sport Fishing Coupons - How to Get Sportfishing Discounts

Hopefully you found this page because you are looking for deep sea fishing coupons, specials and ways to get Southern California sportfishing discounts.

Southern California is one of the most affordable places to get out on a boat saltwater fishing in the world. Sportfishing Trip discounts are available on virtually every sportboat in Southern California from San Diego to Channel Islands. There are discounts for Juniors, Seniors, Active Military some boats certain days of the week or daily coupons. For under $75 an angler can get out on the water for a morning or afternoon half-day deep sea fishing trip including rental rod, ticket, day license, tip and my favorite, a nice greasy cheese burger and a beer. I've yet to travel to a fishing destination that offers so much for so little.

No angler should ever be kept from fishing because they can't afford a private charter or the latest, most expensive tackle.

Affordable Tackle

As far as an affordable starter rod/reel the best bang for the buck cheapest most durable fishing reel on the water is the Penn Jigmaster 500. Match that with a typical boat rental pole like a Seeker 7 foot or a CalStar 870 fiberglass rod and you will have an excellent starter setup that is excellent for all around party boat use and great to learn to cast a conventional reel. Learn to cast on a rental rod or basic setup as I just described and later on the nicer tackle will be effortless. This very reliable starter fishing rod with reel can be bought for about $225 last I checked.

Daily Landing Discounts

For most open party trips and charters these are a few  daily discounts to be aware of nearly all Southern California Sportfishing Landings Offer:

  • Active Military
  • Juniors and Seniors
  • Online Coupon's
  • Mid-week Private Charter Discounts
  • Seasonal
  • Bulk Passes

Active Military

San Diego is a military city home to US Marines, US Navy and the National Guard. Miramar, Camp Pendalton, 32nd Street and at North Island are all major USA bases. so if you are visiting or local active military tell the boat you will be fishing as many of them offer active military discounts. Be sure to ask what is required before leaving home. I know my friend always showed his military ID.

Seniors and Juniors

Both my father and nephew get discounts when I take them out on a half or three-quarter day boat. Be sure to tell the landing office or cashier before paying for the trip if you or a fisherman in your group qualify for either of these discounts.

Online Coupon's

More landings than ever are offering online discount coupon's from their boat or landing website. Always check the website for the latest info and to download the coupon. If making reservations by phone ask if the coupon is honored over the phone or by online reservations first. Don't assume. Again confirm any coupon first by calling the landing if not paying for the trip in person on the day of the trip. Coupons are found only online and are to be printed as per the instructions on the boat or landing's website. I offer this information purely as a convenience to visitors of this website and I am not the author of the coupons or owner the the fishing vessels mentioned here the coupon's apply to:
  • Daily Double Half-Day, Pt. Loma and/or Mission Belle Coupon - Be advised coupons are not always available and can change any time so best bet is check back regularly to their respective website. Coupons are generally for midweek and non-holidays. They are currently offering (April 27, 2009) $5 OFF the regular price ADULT FARE for the Daily Double and Mission Belle deep sea fishing trips.

  • H&M Landing - As of April 27, 2009 there are no online coupons but it might be worth a shot signing up for their periodic news and discounts and special offers here.

  • Helgren's Sportfishing - Helgren's up in North San Diego County at Oceanside Harbor usually has online coupons available for midweek and non-holidays.

    $5.00 Off Sundays 1/2 day Adult fare beginning 11/04/2012

  • Newport Landing Coupon - Here's another discount I found at Newport Landing Deep Sea Fishing. Great fishing trips while on vacation, lodging or local residents near Los Angeles, Newport Beach, Orange County, Dana Point, etc..
  • Davey's Locker Deep Sea Fishing Specials - Davey's Locker and Newport Landing are also an option for anglers looking for a Southern California sportfishing trip out of North San Diego County. About an hour's drive north of San Diego are these landings with good coupon specials.
  • Dana Wharf Sportfishing offers 2 for 1 Tuesdays - 2 for 1 Tuesdays Join us on any Tuesday (all year long) and fish for half price! Valid on 1/2 day and 3/4 day day fishing trips and all whale watching cruises. Check their half priced trip schedule and buy tickets now!
  • Dana Wharf and Discount - Dana Wharf was kind enough to extend a discount for all guests for both sportfishing and whale watching.

Landing Email Club Offers

Seasonal Trip Specials

From Fall through Spring when the popular surface targets are less predictable or during select species closures (Like Rock fishing in USA waters closed from Jan 1 to March 31) the trend this year has been for half-dayer's to make the longer runs into Mexican Waters for rockfish and offer mid-week or rockfish specials. Check with each landing about any planned regular runs like these. I know Tim Green makes runs with his boat the Premier for fun and usually very productive day of Rock fishing Check with the Daily Double or Fisherman 3 as well for these trips. Best bet is call each landing office to get the latest trip info.

Mid-week Private Charter deals

Year round the norm with private chartering is the best price can be had non-peak season or days. Trips from Sun - Thursday generally are the best prices and non-holiday's/weekends always less cost. The quality is the same, just less demand on weekdays lowers the price.

Bulk Passes

At least one boat I know of offers bulk passes for regulars or frequent travelers who come to fish San Diego's boats. Check the Daily Double website here.

Check back regularly for additions to this article as I am always looking for specials and discounts to post to help San Diego fisherman out. I will post more info as it comes in.

The Department of Fish and Game (DFG) announced new dates for Free Fishing Day in 2009. Free Fishing Days will be the Fourth of July and Labor Day, Sept. 7 when DFG will waive the license requirement for citizens 16 or older. On those days people will have the opportunity to fish on all freshwater and ocean waters in California. Full Story

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