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Yellowtail Jack Not Tuna

Yellowfin Tuna - Sept. 9, 2014 being caught from San Diego to Channel Islands! Best blackened outside, raw in the middle garlic on top grilled!

Bluefin Tuna - When LIMITS of Yellow fin Tuna are caught count on the Blue fin to fill the sacks! The very best Sashimi-grade tuna because of fat content.

Fall-winter in San DiegoBarred Sandbass Image

Calico Bass (also called Kelp Bass)

California Halibut

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San Diego Sportfishing

Dana Wharf Sportfishing & Whale Watching

Amazing summer good tuna scores even north of San Diego at Dana Wharf and vicinity today: Monday, September 15th,2014 - 6 Boats, 127 Anglers sacked:
132 Yellow FinTuna, 40 Yellowtail, 8 Dorado,37 Skip jack Tuna, 1 Bonito, 12 Calico Bass, 1 Sand Bass, 1 Sheephead, 1 Sculpin, 1 Rockfish

Channel Islands Sportfishing - Tuna Fishing Offshore on the Pacific Islander - UPCOMING SPOTS OPEN

Ciscos is now running offshore fishing trips targeting tuna, Dorado and Yellowtail. Contact Liz at CISCOS or book your trip online before space runs out! With nearly all San Diego sportfishing fleet chartered or full open party for the next two weeks this is an excellent opportunity to catch some Yellowfin Tuna, Dorado and Yellowtail before the summer season ends. Call 805-382-1612 or click the link above book online. posted by Rob Tuesday Sept. 9, 2014

H&M Landing - San Diego Sportfishing Open Party and Private Charter Trips Any Group Size and Range

H&M Landing has San Diego's largest fleet of sportfishing boats for any group size or length trip. Monday Sept. 9, 2014 - Go fishing while the San Diego tuna and yellowtail fishing is the best in years if not on record. Sea Adventure 2

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Cisco's Report & Count for Saturday 9-6-1

Channel Islands Sportfishing Center - Oxnard, CA - Another solid day of fishing at Cisco's! Yellowtail both landed and lost, but SO fun to pull on if you were able to get through those veracious Bonito. Nice sized Calico's were biting for those Posted at 6:19 PM on 09-06-2014 by Channel Islands Sportfishing Center Staff


A few helpful tips - Tuna, Yellowtail and even a few Albacore Tuna recently 15 miles from San Diego are being caught. This has been one of the best fishing season's on record in San Diego. Be aware tuna are not caught typically sitting on anchor and instead the boat trolls around looking for a variety of signs in and on the water. This type of fast fishing requires teamwork and catches some anglers off guard so be ready. Take a 20#, 30# and 40" rig if you have it with a variety of size 2 to 2/0 live bait hooks as you will be using Sardines or Anchovies. Also take along Iron jigs both heavy and lights. Click to email me a spot or charter request.

Wondering How to Catch Tuna, Yellowtail, Dorado?

Click on any of the fish images to the left for helpful tips how to improve catch success for that fish. If you are here visiting or local and looking for a last minute spot or charter Click to email me a spot or charter request. by Rob Wed. Sept. 3, 2014 10pm

The Year for Big Eye - August 20, 2014 by Rob

I recall the last time the fishing off Southern California and San Diego was this great the Big Eye Tuna made a show late in the summer and lasted into the fall. Marlin as well. These have been my predictions and many captain's since last month. This is THE season to fish off San Diego if you haven't yet. Some overnight boats are limiting on Yellowfin Tuna and Yellowtail by 9-10AM! This is fishing old timers haven't seen in decades and some anglers have never experienced. BOOK NOW

Tuna Fishing Tips - What to Expect First Tuna Trip

Know what to expect your first time fishing a public open party sportfishing trip for tuna out of Southern California to San Diego. It can take a lot of teamwork fishing for tuna to be successful. wed. September 5, 2013 by rob in response to email question

Fish Counts for all Southern California Sportfishing Landings updated daily

- Click here and bookmark our new daily fish counts page for all Southern California Sportfishing Landings with Channel Islands Sportfishing counts for each of their boats.

Sportfishing Trip Descriptions

Here's some handy local lingo and trip definitions helpful when planning or booking a charter or open-party trip.

Dana Wharf Kid's Club

San Diego fishing tackle pic - hooks and weights for open party fishing off San Diego

Dana Landing - San Diego's Only All 6-Pack Fishing Charters

Offering all 6-pack trips year round at Dana Landing on Mission Bay in San Diego.

El Gato Dos Sportfishing

Offering local 1/2 day to full day Coronado Islands freelance, shark fishing trips for Thresher, Mako and more when in season, tuna, Dorado, Yellowtail and tasty, freezer-filling Rock Cod. Marlin when in season.

6-Pack fishing charter San Diego - Alexes Sportfishing

I have been running 6-pack sportfishing trips with Owner/Operator Gary Abbamonte of Alexes Sportfishing for several years now. Alexes is one of the most knowledgeable and family friendly operations in San Diego.

Charter vs. Open Party (public) Sportfishing Trip

Southern California sportboat fishing comes down to two types of trips open party (public) and charter trips. Open party fishing is typically booking a spot on a boat by calling or visiting the landing and giving a credit card number. Chartering, and being a charter master, brings with it duties that range in complexity, but always involve talking directly with the captain and/or boat's office to coordinate the dates, deposits, any sponsors and eventuality

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Dana Wharf Sportfishing and WHale Watching

PRIME TIME huge 50' 6-Pack fishing yacht 619-997-9954

PRIME TIME 50' 6-Pack Sportfisher from 1/2 day to multi-day long-range tuna.

PRIME TIME photo's - Pics from some past trips fishing PRIME TIME.

Prime Time Sportfishing San Diego Monday Sept. 30, 2013 -

Hi Mark, We just wanted to thank you and Prime Time crew (Brandon, Blair and Bobby) for a great time. We look forward to making this an annual event or more frequent. I have attached some photos. You will see by the smiles on everyone faces that we had a great time. Your crew took great care with my 14 year old son, Kevin, as he spent about 1.5 hours reeling in a 50 lbs. Blue Fin tuna. Thank you Prime Time Crew!


Ken, Kyle and Uncle Louie

Channel Islands Sportfishing and Whale Watching

New Pending IGFA World Record California Halibut Male Jr Division caught 7/1/14 - See more at:

Sea Adventure Sportfishing

Whale Watching Page - Info all about Southern California whale watching trips.

Halibut Fishing Tips

New article I wrote on Southern California Halibut fishing. From how to catch to how to prepare and eat.

Sportfishing San Diego and all Southern California - What to expect your first sportfishing trip, some basic rules, keeping safe on deck and how to improve your chance for success for first time Southern California anglers. All experience levels.

Fish targets in San Diego and Southern California

Year round fishing season chart showing what fish are biting each month.

Plan or Book a Southern California Sportfishing Trip

Every private fishing charter group has different goals. Open party, birthday celebration or a company charter there is a boat or trip for any occasion. Here's some local fishing lingo and definitions that can help when planning your charter or spot on a open party vessel.

1/2 and 3/4 Day Deep Sea Fishing Trip Rates

I posted rates for most Southern California Sport fishing Landings. Now only at you can view rates at-a-glance for most Southern California Landings. All efforts were made to ensure accuracy but the landing has the latest prices and any changes. Also consider fuel charge if gas is over $4.00/gallon. Other fees may include sack cost for holding fish, fish cleaning (.50 to $2.00/fish) and joining any jackpot ($3-$5).

1/2 Day and 3/4 Day Tackle

Deep Sea Fishing Tackle What to Bring Half-day and three-quarter day tackle suggestions. Basic list of fishing tackle. Land more fish, carry these basics for more successful fishing.

Wondering What Tackle to Bring? Half-Day and 3/4 Day Fishing Tackle List With Pics from Rob's Tackle Box

Ask a question and learn how to catch local fish regardless of experience and Rob will respond same day. Just register and post away!