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Difference between a Yellowtail and a Yellowfin Tuna - Yellowtail fish species off San Diego and Baja often get confused with Tuna fish. The main difference between the two fish.. read more

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Trip Types Defined - Read about the various sport fishing trip types. Whether an afternoon half-day or a group multi-day 6-pack charter there's a trip for your need's and target goals.

Seasonal Targets - Find out what fish species are being targeted depending on time of year fished.

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How-To "Yo-Yo" Iron for Yellowtail (Jack family not Tuna) - Just in time for this year's early and hot Yellowtail bite this is a must know technique when all the Yellow's are taking in the deep water column is Heavy Iron (local So Cal popular style for catching Yellow's.

Half-Day and Three-Quarter Day Tackle List - a lot can happen on these popular daily fishing trips, leave the dock prepared for not only what IS biting but what MAY bite. Here's my basic tackle suggestions.

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San Diego Open Party Trip Fishing Basics - Here's how to make the most of your time when fishing from the popular open party sport fishing boats.

Fish Processing - You just arrived back at the dock with all this fish now what?

Sea Sickness Article - Here's a brief article I put together on preventing sea sickness. Sea conditions can change in a matter of hours from flat calm seas to "spin cycle" as commonly called during tuna season. Be prepared by always taking something along to help in the event you or anyone in your group becomes sea sick while out fishing.

New - has gone mobile:

One of the most under rated fish that is one of my favorites this time of year is the big grumpy Sand Bass. My favorite and most successfully technique is to fish them using plastic swim baits like"Fish Trap", a local made and tested favorite. Sand Bass filets make excellent fish tacos.

I had a great chat with Captain/Owner Gary Abbamonte on his six-pack "Alexes" about this fish species and Gary brought up a great point that a kid is hooked for life after catching one of these relatively good fighting and good eating fish as they are easy to catch, abundant and are fun to catch, especially when the more popular target species aren't biting. Sand Bass get enormous to over 11lbs and there's always a shot at catching a Halibut, Calico Bass,Bonito or Yellowtail while on a hot Sand Bass bite. For more info on the Alexes or to speak with Owner Gary he can be reached at 619-990-0926 - his knowledge of the local fishery as well as tuna is excellent and productive.

The Alexes also always ready for a private 6 - pack charter. Next door to Seaforth down the road a short ride is Dana Landing, San Diego's only 4 - 6 pack landing.

Dana Landing Market and Fuel Dock

San Diego Landings Page

SIX Pac Fleet

Malihini - 3/4 Day (Featured Boat, thanks for great service guys and June in the galley!!!) - Great sport fisher with long, productive history of fishing the Coronado Islands. As mentioned above this is another boat I followed Tim Green on when he owned and ran it. My first boat to fish as a kid when I was just 6 years old.

Daily Double - Half Day - This is my favorite half day boat in San Diego. Captain Fred Huber runs a top notch boat and his experience gives the best possible chance of catching fish. When Calico Bass are biting he finds them. If you should catch Fred on a stop he fishes, watch carefully and take notes. I learned by watching him. Great boat.

Experience the ultimate sportfishing experience as part of any number of San Diego California vacations that can be organized. Book a San Diego hotel room today.

Calendar - I created a calendar for trip planning and posting upcoming trips I like from the San Diego fishing fleet.

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Follow SportfishSDTwitter and Facebook are fast becoming a popular way for boats and local sportfishing web sites to get fish reports and news out as it's happening.

San Diego Fishing Report / News Flash / Fish Counts -

Some past reports 2010 -

Sat. Aug. 21, 2010 - From Capt.Art - Searcher Facebook ETA:

Searcher Sportfishing will roll into Fisherman's landing around 6 a.m. on Sunday. Off-loading these beautiful fish and jackpot weigh-in should be awesome!

- 8:22 PM Thur. Aug. 18, 2010 - Last minute Malihini Sportfishing Report:

- Conditions at the Coronado Islands are improving as the Malihini caught 13 more Yellowtail today.

Reward 6-Pack Charters - Offshore Fish Report 08/17/10:

We had great Yellowtail fishing with limits for both days of our 2.5 day trip. The weather is beautiful with flat calm seas and we are finally starting to see some sun and blue skies. Hopefully our tuna fishing will swing into gear as it is starting to feel a lot more like summer.

Malihini, San Diego California - Sportfishing report - Aug. 18, 2010

by Capt. Bill Wilkerson - (Rob posted these fish count / sportfishing report update Wed.  Aug. 19, 2010 at 8:40 AM) - Expect another good day on the water again today with this very warm weather and improving water conditions daily at the Coronado Island's. The Yellowtail bite should take off with the better water. 

Here's Capt. Bill's Daily Malihini Report:

Well good evening all, it seems that the fish are starting to bite a little bit for us the past few days. Capt Mike says it looks like we are on an up swing as far as the surface fishing. The yellowtail are starting to show some and he says he is seeing lots of schools. He thinks in the next few days there might be a big hit in the books that remains to be seen.  The cod fishing has been good but we are looking forward to the water warming up. He found some real good signal with water temp getting in the hi 60's the counts for the today as follows:


54 anglers caught 10 yellowtail 41 sculpin and 10 rock fish

Good evening Anglers -

As I reported earlier Capt Mike called to tell me that there was some good clean warm water he found and the Yellowtail seem to bite a little bit for us. The day over all was pretty good with 145 Rock Cod and 13 Yellowtail. No one ventured in to the beach in search of the Sand Bass. He said he saw some 70 degree water as well it looks like the slump might be over we sure hope so.

The fish counts for the past five days are as follows:

08-16-2010 3/4 Day 26 114 Rockfish, 1 California Yellowtail, 5 Barred Sand Bass

08-15-2010 3/4 Day 45 anglers 45 Vermilion Rockfish, 1 Bocaccio, 13 Barred Sand Bass

08-12-2010 3/4 Day 21 anglers 5 California Barracuda, 21 Rockfish, 74 Barred Sand Bass

08-11-2010 3/4 Day 24 anglers 21 California Scorpion fish, 1 California Halibut, 43 Barred Sand Bass

08-10-2010 3/4 Day 22 anglers 10 California Barracuda, 110 Barred Sand Bass


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If this pattern stays true we should we should be in the fish for a while.
If you have not made the reservation remember there are two ways to book your trip - you can call the landing at 619-222-1144 or go online to either or and click on the booking tab. Look forward to seeing you all on the water. Until tomorrow have a great fish day - Capt Bill & Capt mike

Fish Report: Well good afternoon,

- it seems that the water is finally starting to give us a break. As of right now, 1:20 PM, Capt. Mike called and said they are starting to see real good schools of Yellowtail and they have so far boated 6 of these fish up to 22 pounds. It looked real bad a couple of days ago. The water was off color and cool. He said he has found some 68 dergee water and the fish are in it…… will report later today for final counts and the past week…….

Sand Bass Report

Good evening all, well the Sand Bass fishing is still good with limits every day except one, the ocean can't seem to make up its mind. What i mean by that is the water is still unstable cold in some areas and warm in others. Fishing has been spending several hours per day in hopes of finding some surface action, and although we see them they are still reluctant to bite…… by that I mean the Yellowtail and Bluefin tuna. They put on a great show… all show and no go….the weather has been wonderful with a little breeze in the afternoon and little to no swell. the fish counts for the past week are as follows :

08-09-2010 3/4 Day 26 Anglers 5 Rockfish, 5 California Barracuda, 130 Barred Sand Bass

08-08-2010 3/4 Day 29 Anglers 100 Rockfish, 145 Barred Sand Bass

08-07-2010 3/4 Day 49 Anglers 1 California Barracuda, 112 Barred Sand Bass, 31 Rockfish

08-06-2010 3/4 Day 24 125 Rockfish, 3 California Barracuda, 72 Barred Sand Bass

If you have not made the reservation Remember there are two ways to book your trip - you can call H&M Landing at 619-222-1144 or go online to either or

Wed. August 11, 2010 - A Few Handy Fishing Tips - 5:00 PM by Rob

- In addition to the fish report I thought I'd post a few tips that apply to the current fishing / bite conditions:

  • Board early as allowed for best spot in rod holders, tackle storage. galley or outside seating and near start of manifest for early rail (for local half-three quarter day trips that do so) or troll (on tuna trips) rotation.
  • Lost Bluefin Tuna on three-quarter day trips this year has occurred too often from unprepared fisherman not expecting a shot at tuna on a local trip. If you have a 30-40lb rig in the event BFT's show on a stop you have a far better shot then someone fishing a spinning outfit with 10lb test and a rod with no butt and inadequate drags - tuna typically destroy these reels. I'm just being honest and want people to have bragging rights for landing one of these awesome fish by being prepared before boarding the boat. It's critical to have proper drag settings, 30# or equivalent line, a spool to load it on and most important imo is using the proper knot tied correctly - nothing worse then breaking off at the hook from a failed knot. Read what Owner/Capt. Bill had to say on one of his recent trips out on the Malihini.
  • About fishing Sand Bass: On half-day trips while fishing the anchor ALWAYS leave your rod at the rail when fetching a bait. The general rule is pick the liveliest bait and either nose, collar or tail hook it. As the boat circles and chum is sprinkled be ready to hear the anchor chain as the anchor is dropped and a moment later the captain will announce to let the lines drop. Often as soon as the weight hits the bottom, the line slacks and typically as soon as you engage the reel and pick up the slack, the Sand Bass will bite if there. Best of luck, Rob

  • Malihini Sportfishing Report - Week 1 - Aug. 2010

    Well good afternoon all the week in review it has been pretty good fishing for the Malihini (3/4 day boat out of H&M Landing) over all, with only one day so far of just OK fishing. The sand bass have been on the chew for about nine days, there is no end in sight we hope. As for the yellow tail and island bluefin still the same old song,  you see them but they don't want to bite,  and if the bluefin do bite a hook chances are you cant land them (because of lack of adequate gear or experience fishing tuna). These blue fin are (better grade) any where from 25-60 pounds. The fish counts for the past six days are as follows:

    08/04/2010 - 37 anglers 3 California Yellowtail 167 Sand Bass 35 Rock Fish

    08-03-2010 - 32 anglers 10 Rockfish, 3 California Yellowtail, 22 Barred Sand Bass

    08-02-2010 - 24 anglers 1 California Barracuda, 30 Rockfish, 35 Barred Sand Bass

    08-01-2010 - 32 anglers 27 Rockfish, 1 California Scorpion fish, 5 California Barracuda, 160 Barred Sand Bass

    07-31-2010 - 56 anglers 10 Kelp Bass, 7 California Barracuda, 197 Barred Sand Bass

    07-30-2010 - 51 anglers 8 Kelp Bass, 249 Barred Sand Bass, 1 California Barracuda, 7 Rockfish

    If you have not made the reservation Remember there are two ways to book your trip you can call the landing at 619-222-1144 or go online to either or and click on the booking tab. Look forward to seeing you all on the water. Until tomorrow have a great fish day.  Capt Bill & Capt Mike

    August 3, 2010 2:45pm - I just spoke with Owner/Capt. William of the 3/4 day sport boat Malihini - Coronado Islands conditions update: The Bluefin Tuna that have been spotted around the Coronado's the past month are finally starting to bite and even several were landed over the past weekend. Boats are still scratching for Yellow's and those limit style days are still rare. The Sand bass bite continues to be good on both sides of the border near the Flats and the Bullring. Expect to see fish being caught dropping bait (Anchovy, Sardine or Brown Bait) to the bottom using a dropper loop rig, on plastic swim baits (my personal favorite for catching the big grumpy variety) or even on surface iron. I love Sandbass fishing and they make excellent fish tacos. You can even have your catch filleted on the boat and mailed home (Call H&M Landing for best info where - but I know the Mission Bay area by Seaforth you can try Sportsman's Seafood at (619) 224-3551.

    Malihini Sportfishing San Diego at H&M Landing



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