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Southern California | San Diego Three-Quarter Day Winter Tackle Suggestions

Three-quarter day tackle suggestions for local 3/4 day sportfishing trips out of Southern California:

Suggested tackle for most local 3/4 day Southern California trips:

  • A 25 or 30 lb. outfit to fly line sardines (this means cast a live bait with no weight, just a single live-bait hook), sliding egg sinker and squid or a lead head (hook molded into a lead weight) baited with squid. This outfit can also double as a light dropper loop rod for shallow water rockfish.
  • A 40 or 50 lb. outfit. This will be a heavy dropper loop rod for targeting yellowtail , white sea bass and halibut down on the bottom.
  • A deep water rock cod outfit. A 20 size reel filled up with 65 lb. spectra and a 7 ft. rod stiff enough to handle a 16 oz. sinker. If you only want to bring one rod a 30 lb. outfit would be your best bet. TERMINAL TACKLE (Hooks) a pack of size 2 live bait hooks for fishing anchovies and small squid strips. A pack of size 2/0 live bait hooks for fishing live sardines and live squid on an egg sinker. A pack of size 4/0 live bait hooks for fishing live squid on your heavy dropper loop rod. A few long shank rock cod hooks may be usefull but not mandatory on the days boats are fishing deep. (Sinkers) an assortment of sliding egg sinkers from 1/8-1 oz. an assortment of torpedo sinkers (lead wieght tapered with a wire eye to tie line on either end) from 2-16 oz. Sinker size will be determined by depth of water and strength of current. (Lead heads ) An assortment of "banana" shaped lead heads from 1/2 - 2 oz. See images below of my personal tackle or ask the landing or tackle shop.

Feel free to contact Rob with any more questions or to charter a boat for your group.


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